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Huaxia cultivation and integration of all rivers everywhere

Focus on the new era of intelligent banking equipment

Our mission is to bring intelligent devices into every bank and build a one-stop platform integrating machines, accessories, maintenance and services
Huarong Kai is committed to providing banks with appropriate intelligent equipment, convenient parts system, local maintenance, and humanized service。
Let self-help be everywhere, let intelligence be everywhere; All customers and businesses become agile, efficient and vibrant because of the powerful intelligent platform; Redefined by service。

Experience, allowing customers to get personalized wisdom experience in the whole scene of the bank


Xinglinxin TechnologyBank self-service equipment and spare parts supply and maintenance service provider

Shenzhen Xinglianxin Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2015. At the beginning of the company's establishment, the company mainly focused on ATM accessories supply, custom processing and mold development. At the beginning of its expansion, the company mainly focused on NMD accessories supply and brand accessories production, production and development. In 2016, as the utilization rate of ATM in domestic cash equipment declined, mobile payment continued to develop. The company timely adjusts the supply of ATM accessories multi-brand accessories, including NCR, Diebold, Wincor, Nautilus, Hitachi, GRG, OKI and many other brand accessories repair, technical support services. And many domestic ATM manufacturers to establish good cooperation and good relations. New Datong, Yihua computer, Radio and television Express, Tianjin Hengyin, Hangzhou East Letter, and the United States financial reached a mutually beneficial framework for accessories.。



HUARONGKAIContinuous innovation

In July 2019, the company launched the second e-commerce platform of cooperation mode, Ali International B2B online promotion of electronic components and components. The company has in the electronic components agent has Samsung first level agent, Shunluo, Shandong Jingdao Micro, Olund, Chengdu Jingbao, Huade Electronics, Dajing Micro, Boag, Zhongrong Electric famous brand manufacturers. Main production supply: patch capacitor, resistor, inductor, magnetic bead, circuit protection devices, fuses, Farad capacitor, electrochemical capacitor, double layer capacitor, gold capacitor, ESD3.3V~36V, TVS: 200W-15KW, TSS/PTC/GDT, TSC/2010T, MSH2512, ICP/2010T/1206T, Resonator, DIP plug-in, optoelectronic devices, display devices and components, semiconductor components, diodes, high-frequency inductors, laminated inductors, power shield inductors, common-mode inductors, transformers


After 3-4 years of continuous expansion of international business, the company has a number of customer groups in the world, in the company's foreign trade team, the company still maintains a growth rate. In the future, the company will take the market as the orientation and the people-oriented development concept, constantly complete the new platform building, constantly improve their own team strength, and attract customers with fast and efficient service。



With a complete supply chain system, we can provide complete product production, customization, testing, parts replacement, repair, maintenance and other full-chain services; With years of industry accumulation, a complete set of supply system has been established to provide a one-stop supply platform for smart bank customers and facilitate their direct selection. Strict selection of parts suppliers, complete supply chain system, brand products strictly check; Years of industry experience, standardized service system, core technical team, strength of the industry has a reputation。


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