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Self-service payment machine function bank self-service equipment Huarong Kai Xiaobian understand

发布日期:2023-04-11 00:51:48

Self-service payment machine in self-service business hall, waiting room, waiting room, subway station, securities hall, campus, hospital, vending machine and other fields can realize self-service services. So what is the function of the self-service payment machine? Bank self-service equipment Huarong Kai small make up to take you to understand. Its main functions are as follows:



1. You can receive 1 to 100 RMB for cash top-up payment

2, Unionpay card recharge payment

3, list query print

4, electric card IC card to buy electricity

5. Power user information card query

6. Invoice printing, supporting single and double volume invoice

7. Business self-acceptance/business introduction/price guide publicity

8. Self-service recharge card (optional)

9. Network access /SIM card replacement (optional)

10. Random combination lock (optional)

Shenzhen Huarongkai Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2015. The company takes ATM accessories supply, customized processing, mold development as the leading direction, mainly produces and supplies tax supplement boarding, flow printer, self-service payment machine, self-service number machine, passbook supplement boarding wisdom self-service cabinet and other products. In the future, the company will take the market as the orientation and people-oriented development concept. Constantly complete the new platform construction, and constantly improve their own team strength, with fast and efficient service drainage customers.

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