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The meaning of ATM

发布日期:2023-04-11 00:51:06

ATM, also known as ATM, is the abbreviation of Automatic Teller Machine, meaning automatic teller machine, because most of the money is used for withdrawing money, also known as ATM. It is a highly precise electromechanical integration device, using magnetic code cards or smart cards to achieve financial transactions of self-service, instead of the work of bank counter staff. Can withdraw cash, inquire deposit balance, transfer funds between accounts, balance inquiry and other work; It can also carry out cash deposit (real-time account entry), check deposit (not available in China), passbook replacement, intermediate business and other work. The cardholder can use a credit card or a savings card to handle automatic withdrawal, check the balance, transfer money, cash deposit, replenish passbook, purchase funds, change the password, pay mobile phone charges and other services according to the password.