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Why do bank ATMs have metal keyboards

发布日期:2023-04-11 00:49:42

That's because metal keyboards have the benefit of preventing leaks.

When a password is pressed with a finger, the temperature of the keyboard is changed. If you take a photo with a thermal camera right after the transaction, you can get the password by looking at the photo.

The advantage of metal keyboard is that metal conductivity is high, the temperature changes particularly fast. Even if someone takes a picture with a thermal camera it's hard to see the colors in order.



Extended information:

When using ATM self-service devices, pay attention to:

First, pay attention to abnormal devices. Check whether there is abnormal modification of password keyboard and card position; Check whether the access control system requires a password. If you find anything unusual, you should call the bank's customer service hotline in time, and dial 110 to call the police for help. Don't give criminals time to commit crimes.

Second, pay attention to the security of the password. When using the bank card on the self-service device, users should keep a certain distance from others to avoid the leakage of the password. In case of unexpected situations and need help, pay attention to protect their password.

Three should pay attention to do eye card. Especially in the process of using self-service equipment, when you are suddenly distracted, you must use your hands or body to block the bayonet, so as to prevent criminals from taking the opportunity to change the bag.

Four, pay attention to the confirmation card. Remember the last few digits of your bank card number, or sign or mark the card so that you can identify the authenticity of the card in a short time.

Pay attention to special circumstances. Usually when using the bank self-service equipment, it is inevitable that there will be some accidents such as forgetting the password, bank card was swallowed and so on. Encounter these special cases, must be in accordance with the formal way to solve, do not be interfered with external information. After the bank card is lost, you should go to the business branch to report the loss with your valid ID card as soon as possible.

If the bank card is swallowed, the cardholder can first call the bank customer service telephone consultation, and then take the valid ID card to the business outlet of the equipment to receive; In the event of an ATM failure, customers should stay put and dial the bank service number displayed on the screen, be careful to identify the service number on the notice posted next to the ATM, and be aware of the advice of the seemingly "good Samaritan" who happens to be right next to you.