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How much can you withdraw from a bank ATM?

发布日期:2023-04-11 00:48:54

ATM withdrawal:

1. Before withdrawing money, check to see if there is anything sticky at the entrance of the ATM card, such as chewing gum, and if there is anyone suspicious around. Look carefully, each card has a key, and insert the card into the ATM machine in the direction indicated.

2. When the card enters the teller machine, the teller will read the card immediately, and the screen will show all kinds of business in about 2-5 seconds.


3. Click "Need to withdraw money" and it will display the maximum amount to be withdrawn at one time.

4. The amount of withdrawal depends on the brand and model of teller machine, some are 1000, some are 2000, the maximum is 2000. If you need to withdraw more money, you need to contact the bank manager and make an appointment to the teller one day in advance. A withdrawal of more than 20,000 needs to go to the window.